Ask Eyeless Jack and BEN

Anonymous said: are you ok? :(

To be honest… not really.

I created this blog as a way to have fun with my friend, and mess around within the Creepypasta fandom. I had fun going through the gore and horror tags, reblogging whatever I thought would make peoples’ skin crawl. For a while, I had fun being Eyeless Jack, and I was proud to be in the fandom and running this blog. I get more attention on this blog than I do on my personal one…. But it’s that same attention and love of creepypasta that is making me want to delete this blog and destroy everything I worked so hard on. I’ve gotten to the point where, when I saw this message staring at me from my inbox, I nearly started crying because I thought “Fuck. someone else found that godforsaken post I made months ago”.

Ben doesn’t use this account anymore. We barely even talk, much less roleplay. Half these questions I get are sitting unanswered because they’re for her. I don’t have the motivation to even answer the ones for me anymore. When I realized I was signed in on this account today, I started freaking out because I’m afraid to be here now. I’ve been going out of my way to avoid tumblr for the last month because I’m too scared to let it be known that I’m still here. So I’m paranoid, yeah, but I’m also incredibly sensitive. I can only act tough for so long, and when an old subject is brought up out of the blue, it makes me feel insecure and vulnerable.

Anonymous said: GEES! I don't get it! Why you be getting so much hate? You are okay.

I’m not okay. I thought I’d be able to come back and have fun again, but that’s obviously impossible.

Anonymous said: what was the post?

Does it matter? I just want this crap to be over. All their messages go straight to my phone because of the way my email is set up… All this over a fucking gif of someone being murdered and nobody but me caring

Anonymous said: That's what people want to see when they use the gore tag, dumbass.

Great job harassing me for a several month old post. This is why I left tumblr. Piss off.

guccifur said: Thats the whole fucking point of gore. If you can't handle death don't search for it. Try looking up horror film tags.. They wanna blog.. don't take that from them.

Great job harassing me for a several month old post. This is why I left tumblr. Piss off.

Anonymous said: Reported.

For what?

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Dragon Prince

I may also post a starter for a story called Karfo’s Diary, which will talk about the life, enslavement, traumatizations, and devotion of my character Karfo, a shapeshifter from another planet who was kidnapped and sold in slave trade, only to eventually be sold to a man he idolized as a child and granted freedom. ))

Fuck yeah, I love your shit, you know that. Going off to read Terant, since I haven’t yet… but I gotta say you should definitely continue Dragon Prince and Lunacy.

(( I VOTE LUNACY! -Jack ))